Monday, October 6, 2008

My Dream Night

Has it been difficult enough for you to breathe because of your unbound happiness....Well....22st May 2008...around 2am IST time I had the greatest Single Happy Moment in my life uptil now.Its like happiness couldnt have come at another time knocking my Doorstep.It was like Heaven's have broken down in tears of Joy on all the Homes of Manchester United Fans.
I always dreamt of watching Manchester winning the European Cup having missed the 1999 final.The dream came true on 21st May.Well i wanted United to win but atleast there was a satisfaction that United have Made it TO MOSCOW.But you cant let it off when you are so near and that too to Chelsea...CAN YOU.....
I watched the final which rolled on the HOLY TRINITY...Rooney, Ronaldo,Tevez in action and United 1-0 up.My heart beats went up with a fist hanging high up with my body in mid air and a loud scream of YESSSSSSSSS went Bombling out of my mouth.The reaction changed at half-time with me kicking my sofa,grunting and mumbling bad words when Chelsea drew level.
The next hour and a half passed by with me jumping up and down from my Sacred ManUnited Place..which i consider to be having a charm.It just reminded me of the days when me and my bro saw the matches and used to celebrate by circling the coffee table which lies in the centre of our Living Room.
Then after Extra-time we came to Penalties and my Manu Buddy called me saying that he just cant take it and that i should watch it and tell him what happens."This is the amount of passion and love we showed for the Club...that we just couldnt take the pressure of penalties"....During the penalties it was just like Time had stopped,until Ronaldo stepped in and missed.My head dropped eyes closed and it was like WHYYYYYYYY??...The scene didnt change...there was grim silence and defeat was upon My beloved team when John Terry came up.I called up my Friend to tell this is it we are losing.I called him,i looked up at the screen by taking GOD's name,He picked up the call and I just Couldnt Believe what happend and he is called slipped and missed...My friend in my excitement resumed watching the match.
After that it was like no looking back,there was a sense of belief in me that this is our OUR YEAR...As the famous Manu ad said...It was just matter of time before Chelsea missed....Anelka stepped up...tok a short run-up..Andy Gray said i dont like a short run-up, he looks nervous....I just was chanting...and VAN der SAar saved it and it was like the WOrld was There for me...Tears rolled wasnt for me....but for a Club which i support with my whole heart & soul.I consider it to be with me all the time....residing in my heart and beating all the way....
THE 50 year ceremony was marked with grand fashion....My mom was up ....due to my constant screaming...the excitement was so high that i just coudnt speak...coz i was out of breathe...and i just couldnt sleep the whole night....Just lying Down in Bed....and Thinking....Thank You Joohn Terry.....But We are WOrTHY CHAMPIONS...

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