Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Vacuum Phase

Again I write after a long break, not because that I have been busy or something but I have become lazy. The monotonous nature of my life and the rigid structure of my timetable just seems to kill off the sheer enthusiasm of living life.So today I thought of writing about the present nature of not my life, not my friends but every individual who seems to be wandering in such unknown territories.
Currently our Life hinges on the balances of studying and working which leads to late nights during weekdays and a pretty much a well planned weekend for completing short-task.
Life seems to has pretty much ended with respect to the amount of fun and unpredictability of it.So I wondered is it just me who thought like that or what !! But right from the last week, I have been coming in contact with lot of people who seem to be coming out of the state of denial and finally accepting the fact that Job Life truly sucks.
I have experienced life changing at each important juncture, after 10th, school friends became secondary and College friends took the front stage.Life changed ,there were no restrictions of school, bunking lectures, going to MCD and spending time playing C.S. made you the cool dude in college. After 2 years another step up and I entered into a bigger league of excitement and adventure.Then the Graduation friends came in, certainly the pals which you stay in contact for the rest of your life. Fun was taken to a new level, night-outs, those midnight Lonavla plans and spending Saturday nights in lounges and discs.

Now after my graduation suddenly there is a blind spot, I have entered into a competitive world,where people always keep business a focal point to speak.Parties places have changed to lavish hotels and the necessity to be formal at those places has just grind-ed into the blood.Most of our friends are in some other cities for their jobs or in the States for higher studies. The feeling of living like this isn't like there is something missing or someone is missing, the whole motive of life is questioned,the nature of how the day is spent is questioned time and again. There just seems to be a Vacuum in Life which we are desperately trying to find things to fill in. I never thought that the complete existence of my experience years will be questioned in such a manner.Now I also don't know why I have got into this mess. Be it an IT,Mech or Entc job people are going through the same phase right now.

When we started working the first phase was the "Excitement" phase of learning new things and meeting new people. The training days were days, when you felt like the company is nuts to pay you for doing nothing. Life was Beautiful with money in one hand and leisure time in the other. After that the rosy-dosy days got over and project work started. The Work hard Party harder phase starts.The timings and deadlines looked more dangerous than Pl's and Engineering Exams. The feeling of just getting through the week and making it to the weekend started taking prominence. Friday nights seemed to be heavenly place. The weekend seems to be the ultimate source of joy and realization of dreams.But after some time slowly and surely the job starts taking its toll,the Only Work phase begins.Working late nights and weekends became a part and parcel of life, the meager amount of fun which was received was by talking to old friends and relieving past moments.

After this the Vacuum phase kicks in.The year long romance with our jobs is over and as every relationship, this also starts losing its shine.The sense of boredom creeping in terms of the routine work we end up doing at office.The been there done that situations comes along quite often.Salary has lost its importance and monetary gains are no longer the priority.The habitual nature of the job makes you lazy and rigid.Weekends are not meant to party but recharge your batteries to go through another torturous and enduring week. We want to have fun but hanging out with friends now becomes a meeting of taking out frustrations and office grudges.

I suppose we all go through this. Life is changing. The irresponsible unselfish and immature college days are gone and responsibility,stability and serious days of Life are kicking in. The points of hanging out with friends are taking a backstage and prioritizing the future plans are taking center-stage.Life is changing but I don't want it to.I knew that life will change at some time but it just seems that I am still not ready for such a change.Life is turning out to a rat race for hikes and promotions.
But the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat
At the end I hope that me and all of you who find yourself in such a situations will find what they have to do in life and excel.Good night.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello, after a long break, i am back to write something i been writing a lot of time, "Re-Ignite".
Have you ever been in a relation,the first months are so exciting and happening,there is a person who you like and you are getting to know this person,there is so much to talk, the late night talks,the spending evening in coffee shops and walking down in the park,with each other and having that smile which says a lot more than that you are happy.The problem isn't this,the problem when the initial months go by and then the rough patches come in,many relations whither in only this initial storm.Today i am going to write how people can Re-Ignite their likeness and love for each other.
The rosy-dosy periods can be marked to an end after about 6months,when after al the long talks and coffees there is nothing to talk about.The habits of each other which when corrected were taken jokingly,now when not listened can cause anger and irritation.Possessiveness comes into the picture,as relation increase the dependency kind of increases and increased expectations are expected from one another and when 1 is unable to give them,that causes friction.
The reasons mentioned above and many more cause to end a premature relation.So what do we do? If the relation could have had been for sometime longer in the difficult period and understood each other then who knows it might have had blossomed for life.But how exactly can it be done,under those frustrations,anger and distress it really feels impossible to continue and the easy ways seems to get out of it,but after getting out of it you actually realize its importance when you look back at time and wonder if you had worked on things.That's exactly what my blog is about,"Re-Ignite",how can you Reignite your relation.
So what is the solution for all this,for all this solution is to relive the past of the relation and try to an action replay of things happened in you life.Firstly what can be done is that when the question of what to talk arises and apart from talking about day to day life there is nothing to talk about, then taking something different,such as asking random question,doing a group activity with friends,making couple friends and going on double dates could work out,taking some activity as bringing two people together.
But apart from these things the most important thing to do is just remember the single thought of why all this has happened. Recreating the first date or the first jokes brings a BIG W on your face.Me being a guy from a guy's point of view I would say the best thing to do is give surprises. Girls love surprises,let her be any type.
Surprise flowers,chocolates(They just love chocolates) candle light all might add to a wonderful reliving the moment because of which it was had happened.
Lastly its comes to the two people whether they are willing to work on for it or just take the exit door,Whatever may be the reason when things don't turn out well its said that Its was never meant to turn out well.Coz if at 1 point someone feels there is no purpose in working for it, its just the way of saying that there is still someone better to come for whom I will wish to do anything to stay with.. :)
But always remember this thing "No relationship is perfect or ever will be.. But, that doesn't mean it is not worth saving.".....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Folks,I have been a bit busy this Semester as the last one,But cant help it.Of late i realized that I haven't done a lot of things which most people end up till their graduation.So i have been racking up my list and ticking it off one by one.Leaving my routine aside,let me take you on the road of Relationships again.Well i already have written what women want,so wanna share my thoughts on what goes on in relation.
Lets jump into the topic straight away,Coupling,What i mean by coupling here is not how a man's coupling with the women or vice-versa,i mean how couply they are.To tell you that i would like to tell you that they are many kinds of couples in this world,Couples who are into each other so much that they forget where they are,couples who are so not into each other that the other knows where everyone else is except for their mate,couples who show that they don't know each other but wanna jump on each other as soon as they get some space,couples who wanna show they know every other thing about relations and go on dropping unnecessary advice to others and the list goes on....Well i can go on and on with the list coz i have seen many of friends in relations as i have described above.
To start off with lets take the couple who in my terms are very couply,meaning who don't care what is going around them and are in their on dreamland.This feeling can be described as madly in love or just the feeling that they don't have anything better to do.This kind of coupling will gain instant fame among friends and will be given a god status to have finally found to hold onto something.But it will look to be sparkling and shining for a moment and can turn out to be dull and gloomy the next.This kind of couple kind of create an over dependence over each other,which when tested can immediately give up.Their social life ends up to be only to be with each other and when there is a downfall they can be left to suffer all alone.Certainly this things can happen,not necessary that they do,but what the heck,anything can happen..who knows.
Moving on to the next the couples who are absolutely not into each other and god knows what is holding them together.You just get a feeling that the things are just moving..only for one reason to pass time.They don't seem to know what the person is up to and don't have any idea of any new developments in each others life.They might be saying that they provide space to each other,but certainly the space is so wide that it is enough for any other man or women to enter into.I certainly don't understand why such kind of relation exist.Some people might enjoy this,being in a relation and still have their own right,but what is the use of it when you don't count it as "WE" and think about "I" to get along with life.
To the most interesting part coz this part is almost unknown and needs extreme attention to be discovered.People who show they are just friends who really are a couple.This type of couple enjoy being in a relation with the group being friends.There isn't much talking but the eyes contact is enough,coz somethings are never meant to be said.The fun is when the jokes are only understood by them.On the down side,privacy is shunned and they might always find themselves surrounded with people.But the main thing is that social life and personal are kept separate and balance among them can be achieved considerably.
I certainly have taken two extreme ends of a relation what people have,I certainly would not like to be a part of any of these relation which eventually in my case would go down the hill.According to me i wouldn't like to dissolve my social life for my partner and neither keeping myself busy to separate from my partner.You don't need to find time if you are in a relation,things can come together so well that time just seems to be coming.Sacrifices have to be made sometimes with your work,sometimes with friends or even in the relation,but not to the fact that you completely forget your friends,say no to work or even don't even know where your gf is!!!. The fact remains that you will understand your partner's importance only when he or she is missed,so try to some distance,stretch yourselves out,so that the next time you meet,there will be anxiety and eagerness to meet.
Many couple say they never fight and term themselves to be very happy,but i think they are the couple who have least knowledge what the other person wants.Fights have to fought in a relation,coz without fights you will never understand where you went wrong or to point where the other went wrong.Anger and wine does bring the words ringing in one's mind,so if you don't fight then drink with your partner.!!! The most important thing is how fast a couple can come out from a fight,how fast the grudges are forgotten and romantic life is lived.Certainly this would be the most ideal couple in my sense."Thodi shararat,Thodi nok-Jok,thodi nazagat,Thoda hasna,Thoda rona ye dega give Pura Pyar... Puri Mohabbat!!!!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me Maza......

Well in this Economic downfall where India is Shining ...people tend to be stretched to another Topic of Regionalism and Languages...

To Start with i condemn whatever happened in The Maharashtra State Assembly....and Deeply regret that whatever happened wasn't right...The point made by Raj Thackeray that oath should be Taken is what his view point is.....and the MNS Mla to protest on it is valid....but storming the Assembly is not right....But people tend to forget that 10 days before..Abu azmi also added fuel to the topic...and provoked the MLa...ALL people who didn't Take oath in Marathi..said that they don't know Marathi and would like to take in oath in other Language...But Azmi did no such thing..instead he provoked the MLA's by showing the Chappals to Them....Now i don't have to read the say that a man steps down to violence if provoked.....but being state representative..they were expected to stay calm which they didn't...and were punished Aptly..but why was Azmi left..?

People from my college started the State Assembly issue and said it was a disgrace to the Democracy....but more violence than this has Happened in Up and Bihar State Assemblies.....So why do people say Maharashtra is to blame for disrupting Indian Democracy..?? They say Raj Thackeray is using Marathi as a weapon to win what he does...Does a Politician not distribute money before the Election.?
I just wanna say..What Raj Thackeray.. view points are 101 % correct....

He ransacked educational institutes...because around 75% seats are reserved for State students in any College..across the State...But Education Institutes transfer than in to Management Seats and mostly admission taken in those seats are North Indians....So the revolt....which isn't against North Indians on large but on the Corporates who let this happen...

He also says that Land has been taken from Maharashtra Government to Build Education Institutes in subsides rates and in those Institutes didn't even teach Marathi....IF they wana build Schools then build it without the Governments aid...He has no Problem...

Land Bought from the Government for Industrial purpose....which are built by North Indians and they bring in Employees from their own State.....Then why take all facilities from the Government..then...if are not employing people from their own land..

Another issue of the Boards of the be in Marathi....which was widely Criticized...tell me 1 thing..Most of the boards are in Hindi....English....But what if a Person from the village comes to the City he cant read English or Hindi...and noes only MARATHI..what Must he do.....

Many Such Issues were raised when Raj Thackeray was interviewed by a Marathi Channel...SAAM Tv....from that time onwards i too believe that...some urgency was required in that Matter...

This is Maharashtra...and welfare of the Inhabitants is a some sense....Political benefits are made....but tell me which Politicians in India is Clean..At least...Raj Thackeray is not eating Peoples money....he Must be violent in his propaganda...but first he always tries to solve the matter peacefully....

I Still think that whole of 'outsiders' are not to be blamed...coz whatever people i am in contact with have done no such thing...but there are some elements which need to be collected and thrown out of the State... and thats What RAj Thackeray is doing...Removing the Bad from the Good...not in manner which i like...but at the End Result Matter...and He is getting them.....

Jai HInd... Jai Maharashtra!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Manchester....My United....

Quite Recently it has come to my notice that my identity in the college has been bolstered being a Red Devil Fan.People dont recognize me as Nitin Bhosale..but say here goes the Manu freak from T.E.Its wonderful to know that my supporting the club has reached the ears far and wide but i just got to say that people misinterpret me being obsessed with football and Manchester,thats why i took up to write this blog to tell that this is not an obsession this is my love and Passion towards the Greatest Club in World Football to have ever played across the Green Field.
Many people have said to me that they havnt seen a crazy United fan like me,its actually a noteable mention in each of my Testimonials.I just want to say that for the last 10 years there hasnt been a ounce decrease of Entusiasm towards the club,whether it wins or loses i dont care,i just care to see them play and see them play the best.I hardly remember to have missed matches in the recent past.It really has reached something that i will never ever even think of Supporting any other Club, Manchester United till Death is right for me....
So every passion has a beginning,i became fond of United when they won the treble in 1999.I heard that it wwas Incredible and all that but when i watched them play,for me who was just learning the traits of football at that time it actually was mesmorising,.the def touch,the passing,the movement was breathtaking it was like i just feel in love with the Club and the Game.I was new to football in the cricket crazy nation,so it was completely different feeling for me.That time the team had peake and everything was going well so it was hardly difficult to like them.
This was the stage that i started following United as a fan,but the madness which people associate me for my passion towards the club came into picture when i saw the difficult times of the team whe great player like Cantona,Beckham left the team and the team stumbled.I always have compared the championship race of manunited to the race of my life.1 match moment i would like to share is that Manu were 1-0 down in the most prestigious cup final in europe till 90 mins.At the stroke of 91st min when all the pundits had rulled them out they popped up with a goal and in the 93rd min with another won to win the match.This attitude of NEVER SAY DIE UNTIL THE LAST KICK.....just imprinted on my mind.

I developed this attitude because of United.The subconscious mind started to think that nothing is impossible and that efforts must be put until the last min just in case that it may be useful.This club also gave the most fundamental of Virtue of Hope.I started to think that it is never wrong to hope till the last moment that some miracle might change the complete situation of my life.Sometimes my hopes were shattered but later on i realized that miracles do happen but it happens only when had work is put in,so just emphasizing on the fact that "Hoping makes a dream to be visualized and hard work makes it Visual reality." That what we as Man United Fans believe in.....
People can say that i could have learn't this through books,but going through the process with United was completely different.Whenever i find my self in problems just the mere sound of some United clipping just gets me going,watching videos makes the blood flow faster and heart beat go up and watching live matches just gives the Adrenal Rush to my body which is just like being in heaven.This is what Manchester United brings to my life,this is what it means to me,to be a fan of the Greatest Club in the World.
To end it all i Just wanna say 1 thing,You will find that for the Manchester United Jersey the Manu Logo is on the left hand side because that's where the heart is....It helps to beat it Faster.....

Monday, March 16, 2009


Don't you feel that Sometimes things are not intended to happen but they still end up happening,then i hear people saying that it was in the destiny to happen.So do u believe in this destiny thing,do you believe that everything in your life happens for a reason?? that your life is predestined and its just that you will end up with a life that was written for you. Well i don't but is this the true meaning of Destiny or is it just a myth???
Well i like to say its just a Myth...but only partly...I believe that our life is predestined,it is believed what our actions might be and thus our life would had taken shape.But its is our actions which change the course of our life,Its our attitude to do things to see it and to react to it that makes the difference.I believe that Destiny is what we make of it.Its about what decisions we make in our life which makes our life to take a complete u-turn and go the other way round.
People say that these two are destined to meet each other so they are that much happy.I say would it have been possible that if they wouldn't have meet,even if feel that they meet accidentally at the restaurant,what if 1 of them never thought of going there.So even if it was destiny that they meet it couldn't have done it alone...they both still had to go to that restaurant,they still had to show up...
In short I just wanna say that destiny is the bridge you build on the path you want to be.If u wanna be a doctor you got to get into medical that's the bridge you build. If you feel that you were destined to love that someone special then destiny was the bridge you built towards the 1 you love,until you would had made it it wouldn't have happened,Isn't it True.
But it isn't always that you desire for something and those thing s just happen with a Whosp!!!....Sometimes it just happens that you want something really badly and desire for it but it is sort of unreachable,you really can accept that you weren't destined to get that thing or you can go for the impossible and make it happen and rewrite what was written for you.Sometimes you don't get a job but you still know that no-one was better suited for it,then you must have a go for it till you get it.When you know that you love someone then make her realize that no one can love her that much so that you win her heart.
I always believe that our destiny isn't already written, its just that our life course keeps on changing on the decisions which we make in Life may it be good or bad,people do eventually face what they have did.So its on how we take things,on how we react to disappointments and stand up tall to make ourselves count. So i would say that yes it your destiny to get the rose, but it is also your destiny to be pricked.
So in the end i will say that Yes Destiny exists but it is no Miracle mongol which will make a path for you,its upto you that if you desire to lead to it.But i also wanted to add that
whatever happens happens for the good..
..thats what my Bro says....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Women Want...

So after a long lay off i am back.....with a lot of thinking a less of writing i thought i
get my blog blotted with ink.
Well quite recently i saw..the movie "What Women want" the second time .Man,I wish
i had the powers of Mel Gibson!!!Just the thought baffles the endless possibilities which i would be in.After much disagreement with my self,I must say that Yes its impossible to guess what goes on in a woman's Head.
So what makes it so difficult that it is impossible to trace the thought which goes
on that head.I feel that the actions and thought process are on completely different lines so the actions mislead people and it is just downhill from that point onwards.It isn't applicable to just a girl you love,it even is seen in a brother-sister,mother-son,wife-husband...I have seen men thinking to their wit's ends for this impregnable problem.Most of the people say that a girl chats normally for some period of time and then all of a sudden there is no response....then they come up with some stuppid reason just emphasizing on the fact that something was wrong....There are many more things which just don't seem to be clear until and unless the word are spilled out the mouth.After watching the movie i just was horrified that what impression girls can have of oneself and pretend the other way round.
So what is the solution to this problem....well literately speaking there isn't any logical solution for this problem.And here its not even like this that we can learn from our mistakes cause the possibilities of thinking for a answer to the same question changes constantly for a women.
To tell you what women want as far as I know i can Only say the following things.I like to direct my writing into a direction of relationships.So What exactly does a girl seek for in a relationship or how is a guy searched by her with her x-ray vision.There are 3 aspects to this

1)Physical attributes

2)Wealth Collection

Lets start off with the Physical aspect.Some girls love to be with a handsome
guy.They like to be pampered for the fact that thier guy is attractive.This physical thing covers all the body related stuff right from hair to the clothes he wears.So if u think u look attractive then u got a shot with them.
Moving on to the second aspect 'Money'.Many girls deny to the fact that they dont want money but this factor also counts a lot of times.Money can buy security of the present and the future and it gets them things in a flash.So high priced gifts and dinners in 5star hotels will certainly impress these girls.
Coming on to the last but the most important topic is fundamentals.This actually is about the fundamentals which according to girls is the essence of the relationship.This is required to be observed and understood in most of the cases.In every relationship a girl needs security may it be money,physical or even mental,it is very important that a girl feels secure and free in whatever she falls into.Secondly its is considered mandatory that a that a girl consider that the guy should get to know what she wants without she making any noise about it.It simply means that the guy should understand and do things without she telling him.Thirdly it is always felt that the girl doesn't want to be chased after or to be
pampered but it is just the opposite way round,Its just that sometimes things done going out of the way really seem special to them then an expensive gift.
So concluding the blog I just want to say that understanding women is really like a mountain to climb,the moment you think that you are going up the next moment u find yourself much lower than what you were before.So my suggestion is always think twice before you act,coz it can be very tricky......