Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Women Want...

So after a long lay off i am back.....with a lot of thinking a less of writing i thought i
get my blog blotted with ink.
Well quite recently i saw..the movie "What Women want" the second time .Man,I wish
i had the powers of Mel Gibson!!!Just the thought baffles the endless possibilities which i would be in.After much disagreement with my self,I must say that Yes its impossible to guess what goes on in a woman's Head.
So what makes it so difficult that it is impossible to trace the thought which goes
on that head.I feel that the actions and thought process are on completely different lines so the actions mislead people and it is just downhill from that point onwards.It isn't applicable to just a girl you love,it even is seen in a brother-sister,mother-son,wife-husband...I have seen men thinking to their wit's ends for this impregnable problem.Most of the people say that a girl chats normally for some period of time and then all of a sudden there is no response....then they come up with some stuppid reason just emphasizing on the fact that something was wrong....There are many more things which just don't seem to be clear until and unless the word are spilled out the mouth.After watching the movie i just was horrified that what impression girls can have of oneself and pretend the other way round.
So what is the solution to this problem....well literately speaking there isn't any logical solution for this problem.And here its not even like this that we can learn from our mistakes cause the possibilities of thinking for a answer to the same question changes constantly for a women.
To tell you what women want as far as I know i can Only say the following things.I like to direct my writing into a direction of relationships.So What exactly does a girl seek for in a relationship or how is a guy searched by her with her x-ray vision.There are 3 aspects to this

1)Physical attributes

2)Wealth Collection

Lets start off with the Physical aspect.Some girls love to be with a handsome
guy.They like to be pampered for the fact that thier guy is attractive.This physical thing covers all the body related stuff right from hair to the clothes he wears.So if u think u look attractive then u got a shot with them.
Moving on to the second aspect 'Money'.Many girls deny to the fact that they dont want money but this factor also counts a lot of times.Money can buy security of the present and the future and it gets them things in a flash.So high priced gifts and dinners in 5star hotels will certainly impress these girls.
Coming on to the last but the most important topic is fundamentals.This actually is about the fundamentals which according to girls is the essence of the relationship.This is required to be observed and understood in most of the cases.In every relationship a girl needs security may it be money,physical or even mental,it is very important that a girl feels secure and free in whatever she falls into.Secondly its is considered mandatory that a that a girl consider that the guy should get to know what she wants without she making any noise about it.It simply means that the guy should understand and do things without she telling him.Thirdly it is always felt that the girl doesn't want to be chased after or to be
pampered but it is just the opposite way round,Its just that sometimes things done going out of the way really seem special to them then an expensive gift.
So concluding the blog I just want to say that understanding women is really like a mountain to climb,the moment you think that you are going up the next moment u find yourself much lower than what you were before.So my suggestion is always think twice before you act,coz it can be very tricky......