Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello, after a long break, i am back to write something i been writing a lot of time, "Re-Ignite".
Have you ever been in a relation,the first months are so exciting and happening,there is a person who you like and you are getting to know this person,there is so much to talk, the late night talks,the spending evening in coffee shops and walking down in the park,with each other and having that smile which says a lot more than that you are happy.The problem isn't this,the problem when the initial months go by and then the rough patches come in,many relations whither in only this initial storm.Today i am going to write how people can Re-Ignite their likeness and love for each other.
The rosy-dosy periods can be marked to an end after about 6months,when after al the long talks and coffees there is nothing to talk about.The habits of each other which when corrected were taken jokingly,now when not listened can cause anger and irritation.Possessiveness comes into the picture,as relation increase the dependency kind of increases and increased expectations are expected from one another and when 1 is unable to give them,that causes friction.
The reasons mentioned above and many more cause to end a premature relation.So what do we do? If the relation could have had been for sometime longer in the difficult period and understood each other then who knows it might have had blossomed for life.But how exactly can it be done,under those frustrations,anger and distress it really feels impossible to continue and the easy ways seems to get out of it,but after getting out of it you actually realize its importance when you look back at time and wonder if you had worked on things.That's exactly what my blog is about,"Re-Ignite",how can you Reignite your relation.
So what is the solution for all this,for all this solution is to relive the past of the relation and try to an action replay of things happened in you life.Firstly what can be done is that when the question of what to talk arises and apart from talking about day to day life there is nothing to talk about, then taking something different,such as asking random question,doing a group activity with friends,making couple friends and going on double dates could work out,taking some activity as bringing two people together.
But apart from these things the most important thing to do is just remember the single thought of why all this has happened. Recreating the first date or the first jokes brings a BIG W on your face.Me being a guy from a guy's point of view I would say the best thing to do is give surprises. Girls love surprises,let her be any type.
Surprise flowers,chocolates(They just love chocolates) candle light all might add to a wonderful reliving the moment because of which it was had happened.
Lastly its comes to the two people whether they are willing to work on for it or just take the exit door,Whatever may be the reason when things don't turn out well its said that Its was never meant to turn out well.Coz if at 1 point someone feels there is no purpose in working for it, its just the way of saying that there is still someone better to come for whom I will wish to do anything to stay with.. :)
But always remember this thing "No relationship is perfect or ever will be.. But, that doesn't mean it is not worth saving.".....