Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Folks,I have been a bit busy this Semester as the last one,But cant help it.Of late i realized that I haven't done a lot of things which most people end up till their graduation.So i have been racking up my list and ticking it off one by one.Leaving my routine aside,let me take you on the road of Relationships again.Well i already have written what women want,so wanna share my thoughts on what goes on in relation.
Lets jump into the topic straight away,Coupling,What i mean by coupling here is not how a man's coupling with the women or vice-versa,i mean how couply they are.To tell you that i would like to tell you that they are many kinds of couples in this world,Couples who are into each other so much that they forget where they are,couples who are so not into each other that the other knows where everyone else is except for their mate,couples who show that they don't know each other but wanna jump on each other as soon as they get some space,couples who wanna show they know every other thing about relations and go on dropping unnecessary advice to others and the list goes on....Well i can go on and on with the list coz i have seen many of friends in relations as i have described above.
To start off with lets take the couple who in my terms are very couply,meaning who don't care what is going around them and are in their on dreamland.This feeling can be described as madly in love or just the feeling that they don't have anything better to do.This kind of coupling will gain instant fame among friends and will be given a god status to have finally found to hold onto something.But it will look to be sparkling and shining for a moment and can turn out to be dull and gloomy the next.This kind of couple kind of create an over dependence over each other,which when tested can immediately give up.Their social life ends up to be only to be with each other and when there is a downfall they can be left to suffer all alone.Certainly this things can happen,not necessary that they do,but what the heck,anything can happen..who knows.
Moving on to the next the couples who are absolutely not into each other and god knows what is holding them together.You just get a feeling that the things are just moving..only for one reason to pass time.They don't seem to know what the person is up to and don't have any idea of any new developments in each others life.They might be saying that they provide space to each other,but certainly the space is so wide that it is enough for any other man or women to enter into.I certainly don't understand why such kind of relation exist.Some people might enjoy this,being in a relation and still have their own right,but what is the use of it when you don't count it as "WE" and think about "I" to get along with life.
To the most interesting part coz this part is almost unknown and needs extreme attention to be discovered.People who show they are just friends who really are a couple.This type of couple enjoy being in a relation with the group being friends.There isn't much talking but the eyes contact is enough,coz somethings are never meant to be said.The fun is when the jokes are only understood by them.On the down side,privacy is shunned and they might always find themselves surrounded with people.But the main thing is that social life and personal are kept separate and balance among them can be achieved considerably.
I certainly have taken two extreme ends of a relation what people have,I certainly would not like to be a part of any of these relation which eventually in my case would go down the hill.According to me i wouldn't like to dissolve my social life for my partner and neither keeping myself busy to separate from my partner.You don't need to find time if you are in a relation,things can come together so well that time just seems to be coming.Sacrifices have to be made sometimes with your work,sometimes with friends or even in the relation,but not to the fact that you completely forget your friends,say no to work or even don't even know where your gf is!!!. The fact remains that you will understand your partner's importance only when he or she is missed,so try to some distance,stretch yourselves out,so that the next time you meet,there will be anxiety and eagerness to meet.
Many couple say they never fight and term themselves to be very happy,but i think they are the couple who have least knowledge what the other person wants.Fights have to fought in a relation,coz without fights you will never understand where you went wrong or to point where the other went wrong.Anger and wine does bring the words ringing in one's mind,so if you don't fight then drink with your partner.!!! The most important thing is how fast a couple can come out from a fight,how fast the grudges are forgotten and romantic life is lived.Certainly this would be the most ideal couple in my sense."Thodi shararat,Thodi nok-Jok,thodi nazagat,Thoda hasna,Thoda rona ye dega give Pura Pyar... Puri Mohabbat!!!!"