Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Vacuum Phase

Again I write after a long break, not because that I have been busy or something but I have become lazy. The monotonous nature of my life and the rigid structure of my timetable just seems to kill off the sheer enthusiasm of living life.So today I thought of writing about the present nature of not my life, not my friends but every individual who seems to be wandering in such unknown territories.
Currently our Life hinges on the balances of studying and working which leads to late nights during weekdays and a pretty much a well planned weekend for completing short-task.
Life seems to has pretty much ended with respect to the amount of fun and unpredictability of it.So I wondered is it just me who thought like that or what !! But right from the last week, I have been coming in contact with lot of people who seem to be coming out of the state of denial and finally accepting the fact that Job Life truly sucks.
I have experienced life changing at each important juncture, after 10th, school friends became secondary and College friends took the front stage.Life changed ,there were no restrictions of school, bunking lectures, going to MCD and spending time playing C.S. made you the cool dude in college. After 2 years another step up and I entered into a bigger league of excitement and adventure.Then the Graduation friends came in, certainly the pals which you stay in contact for the rest of your life. Fun was taken to a new level, night-outs, those midnight Lonavla plans and spending Saturday nights in lounges and discs.

Now after my graduation suddenly there is a blind spot, I have entered into a competitive world,where people always keep business a focal point to speak.Parties places have changed to lavish hotels and the necessity to be formal at those places has just grind-ed into the blood.Most of our friends are in some other cities for their jobs or in the States for higher studies. The feeling of living like this isn't like there is something missing or someone is missing, the whole motive of life is questioned,the nature of how the day is spent is questioned time and again. There just seems to be a Vacuum in Life which we are desperately trying to find things to fill in. I never thought that the complete existence of my experience years will be questioned in such a manner.Now I also don't know why I have got into this mess. Be it an IT,Mech or Entc job people are going through the same phase right now.

When we started working the first phase was the "Excitement" phase of learning new things and meeting new people. The training days were days, when you felt like the company is nuts to pay you for doing nothing. Life was Beautiful with money in one hand and leisure time in the other. After that the rosy-dosy days got over and project work started. The Work hard Party harder phase starts.The timings and deadlines looked more dangerous than Pl's and Engineering Exams. The feeling of just getting through the week and making it to the weekend started taking prominence. Friday nights seemed to be heavenly place. The weekend seems to be the ultimate source of joy and realization of dreams.But after some time slowly and surely the job starts taking its toll,the Only Work phase begins.Working late nights and weekends became a part and parcel of life, the meager amount of fun which was received was by talking to old friends and relieving past moments.

After this the Vacuum phase kicks in.The year long romance with our jobs is over and as every relationship, this also starts losing its shine.The sense of boredom creeping in terms of the routine work we end up doing at office.The been there done that situations comes along quite often.Salary has lost its importance and monetary gains are no longer the priority.The habitual nature of the job makes you lazy and rigid.Weekends are not meant to party but recharge your batteries to go through another torturous and enduring week. We want to have fun but hanging out with friends now becomes a meeting of taking out frustrations and office grudges.

I suppose we all go through this. Life is changing. The irresponsible unselfish and immature college days are gone and responsibility,stability and serious days of Life are kicking in. The points of hanging out with friends are taking a backstage and prioritizing the future plans are taking center-stage.Life is changing but I don't want it to.I knew that life will change at some time but it just seems that I am still not ready for such a change.Life is turning out to a rat race for hikes and promotions.
But the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat
At the end I hope that me and all of you who find yourself in such a situations will find what they have to do in life and excel.Good night.


BHAVYA said...

very has changed alot !
It sucks..going early to office ..cmg late from fun left at all.

Anyways..good work Nitin !

Subodh said...

But the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat

I think this sums it all... great blog mate !!!

Kedar said...

nice post!

Bhalchandra Deshmukh said...

life is changing ..true !! but we don't want to adapt ourselves accordingly !! we are still struggling to find what we want from our life which is leading to such feeling .... boring life !!
Nice post !! keep it up !!

ashwini said...

Nice One!So true... I wanna turn back time.

J said...

I super duper hate this "vacuum phase". Hope it is a short one and never come back :(

Ashish Karande said...

Life has changed extra curricular time for frnds in s really gt chucked...but m stil tryin to manage to go to gym....tryin to live...nice work bro...keep it up

Aditya Kulkarni said...

Rightly said has become a rat race..a bit of appreciation n hikes has it all..u r charged for next day..

Seems u gt motivted by ZNMD...

btw nice blog..Keep it up \m/ !!

preeti satoskar said...

Very True..Life has changed..
And every person can relate with this..
Well written Nitin :-)